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Are you ready to put down the TimTams?

Simply knowing what you should do doesn't necessarily mean you will do it. On some level we all know what actions will make us successful. Yet when the rubber hits the road and we have to actually engage, we can resist, procrastinate or avoid. There are two forces at work in our brain that orchestrate the setting and pursuit of goals and they don't always play well together.

You need the guy behind the wheel and the back seat driver

Firstly you have the front part of the brain which is very logical and rational that comes up with the plan and plots out exactly what needs to be done. Then you have the back part of the brain aka "the back seat driver" that you also need to get on board to provide the motivation and persistence to stick to the plan. This part of the brain is highly emotional, easily distracted, easily discouraged, wants instant gratification and would rather be sitting on the lounge in tracky-dacks eating TimTams most of the time. It is this guy that will choose a more interesting, easy or fun activity rather than writing that blog, going to the gym or taking a risk. Cue procrastination. The thing is, in order to successfully set and pursue goals, be brave and try something new, or break through the invisible barrier that is holding you back, you need both the driver up the front with the plan and the guy in the back seat to get on board.

Sometimes "you got this" and sometimes you don't.

Sometimes we have a plan, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we can manage to engage our back seat driver on our own, sometimes we struggle. Goal pursuit requires not only a sound strategy, but also discipline, resilience and determination as well as a willingness to be uncomfortable and lean into resistance. Sometimes we need help with this. We need a partner to help us implement our intentions, to take the first step, to stay on track and be accountable to our goals. In short we need help to put the TimTams down. This is when a coach or mentor is incredibly valuable. One of the most annoying things about life is that it is very hard to mentor ourselves. Even mentors need mentors, myself included.

Clever people know when asking for help is the next best step

One of the most clever and courageous things we can do when we are stuck is to acknowledge that we need help and actively seek it out. When you make this decision, I encourage you to shop around. There are many people out there who can help but it is important to find a coach or mentor who "gets you", who understands your problem and is confident in being able to help. Make them prove it to you, ask lots of questions and don't make your decision based on a LinkedIn profile. When you find the right one, make the investment. Investing in your own personal and professional growth is never a waste of time or resource. You deserve to explore the length and breadth of your potential. A year from now you will wish you had started today.

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