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Need a speaker who will engage your audience and leave them feeling like they understand themselves, and others, a little more. With a detailed knowledge of how the brain works, combined with over 20 years in the corporate environment, Diane can help you to undersand why people do what they do at work and at home.
Diane has an extensive background in leadership, performance and mental health and has often learnt "the hard way" about what it takes to be successful. Diane will share stories of mistakes made, moments of great clarity, and how having knowledge of how the brain works provides great insights into human behaviour. Being able to connect with people on a deeper level and understand what is behind their behaviour gives you the greatest opportunity to position yourself for success and lead others towards theirs.
Diane's most popular topics:
  • MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE: How we manage workload and stress with the brain in mind
  • PERFORMANCE: Understanding yourself and others to drive performance
  • DIVERSITY: Innovation is not created by maintaining the status quo
  • NEUROSCIENCE FOR BUSINESS: Understanding your brain to help you in business
  • LEADERSHIP: Leading yourself and others with the brain in mind
  • DECISION MAKING: How cognitive bias affects our decisions
  • CHANGE: The human element of change, and why it's so hard
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