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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I am quite a unique mix of neuroscientist, counsellor and businesswoman and I am driven to help people become more self-aware and deliberate in their thinking and behaviour so they can orchestrate their own success. Every thought, belief, action, emotion, motivation and behaviour is orchestrated by our brain. It is what drives us forward and holds us back, so it makes sense that we understand how it works so we can proactively create our own success
​In business, we are in an era of being thought workers.
  • Never before have we had access to so much information
  • Never before has agility and immediacy been so critical to growth
  • Never before has there been such a focus on connecting and understanding others to achieve outcomes
  • Never before has managing our cognitive resources been so critical to success
Being successful in this landscape requires a new skillset of agility, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and COURAGE. I believe if we know what drives our thinking and behaviour, we will be better equipped to understand ourselves and others to drive our performance.
 I created CleverMinds Consulting to help individuals and organisations navigate this landscape.
  • To provide support and robust strategies based in psychology and neuroscience that WORK!
  • To give you an unfair advantage in the market by accessing the untapped potential, skill and ability that is unique to you.
I share knowledge through speaking engagements, mentoring and workshops. Click here if you would like to get in touch and find out more.  
Click on the video below for a brief intro into how I entered in to the world of neuroscience and how it can be applied in sales.

Dr Diane Harner - Managing Director

Trusted Partners

Frank Donohoe

Director at Donohoe Consulting

Wendy Pavey

CEO and Founder at Executive Brand

Wendy is passionate about ensuring senior executives embrace all the opportunities presented by the digital age. She refuses to allow our most experienced people to stall their career or exit the workforce early – simply because the process of creating profile in the online environment is unfamiliar. Wendy works with market-leading companies to build a substantial digital presence for their leadership cohort

Kristen Hansen

Director and Founder at EnHansen Performance

Kristen  works with leaders and sales professionals who want a scientific, brain-based approach to leadership, persuasion, motivation, coaching, resilience, adaptability, sales, innovation and peak performance; supporting organisational change through improving leadership effectiveness. Kristen is an international speaker, trainer and coach providing clients with strategies from the fields of neuroleadership, neurosales and emotional intelligence to improve their leadership, coaching skills, sales and performance.

Clients I have worked with

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