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Mentoring for Early Stage Leaders transitioning from "Technical Expert" to People Leader

To give new leaders direction and confidence in the early days when transitioning from being a technical expert to a people leader through one-on-one support.

Topics covered include: 

  • Unpacking who you are as a leader and how you want to lead

  • Learning strategies to gain the trust and respect of your team

  • Understanding motivation to manage performance & productivity

  • Thinking strategically and managing workload

  • Leading through times of change and disruption

  • Managing upwards and maximising lateral relationships

  • Developing a coaching /mentoring rhythm

  • Delivering feedback and creating accountability

Mentoring Program Includes: 

  • "CleverInsights" Diagnostic to uncover the Subconscious Habits of Thought that influence your goal pursuit and attainment

  • 5 x 90 minute sessions face-to-face or on Zoom 

  • Written session reviews

  • Phone and email support as required

  • Free of Charge Discovery call

I have a unique skillset in being able to help you understand your own strengths, motivations and barriers when it comes to achieving your goals. My mentoring programs are based in a deep understanding of human behaviour and what makes people do what they do.

I bring a philosophy of absolute honesty, integrity, empathy and, above all, a down to earth and practical approach.

I will :

  • Share my knowledge, skills and expertise in neuroscience to give you the reason why you do what you do

  • Take a personal interest in your development and success

  • Give you honest and constructive feedback

  • Hold you accountable to your goals and keep you on track 

  • Give you simple practical strategies that you can implement immediately

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