Client Profiling, it's Elementary!

When we meet a client for the first time, we have the same opportunities as the Baker Street sleuth. We too can gather an enormous amount of

How to master connection and make more sales

I recently spoke at a summit for sales professionals and in preparing for the presentation, I gathered some interesting facts about what customers value most in salespeople, and its not what you might think. Customers are no longer focussed on the salesperson being the expert. Empathy, emotional support and thoughtful touches are the qualities that are now highly valued. When salespeople achieve a personal connection, they are more likely to be described as excellent or exceeding expectations, and are more likely to receive referrals. So lets look at connection and how we can get good at it. Human beings are wired for connection. From the very moment we are born we search for connection. A

How do we sell when knowledge isn't enough?

Salespeople often get a bad wrap There is perception in the community that salespeople are a bit slippery and only interested in parting us from our cash. As a salesperson myself, I take umbridge to that. And of course, I am not alone. But like it or not, regardless of your occupation, most of us are involved in selling in one form or another, whether it be a product, an idea or ourselves. Dan Pink explores this in his excellent book To Sell is Human. He describes the balance of power that exists between the customer and the salesperson, and how this affects the value that a salesperson brings to a sale. There has been a big shift. Back in the day….. 30 years ago there was a huge difference

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