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Clever Workshops : A customized experience, tailored to the needs of your organisation. These are short 90 minute workshops designed to create awareness of these concepts and provide a platform for launching these initiatives in your organisation. 

Mental Wellness at Work

The career landscape is getting more and more demanding every day. We have to do more with less, and faster. We have competing commitments, a requirement to analyse, integrate and collaborate, and to continuously prove ourselves to stay relevant. This creates a level of cognitive load that can be difficult to handle and can result in mental health challenges if not managed carefully.  This workshop shows you how.


Diagnostic Tool

Understanding your Subconscious Habits of Thought (SHoTs)

Every participant in this workshop completes a diagnostic that uncovers which subconscious habits of thought get in the way of goal pursuit and achievement: Self-Doubt, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Rigidity, Multitasking, Impatience, Conformity, Negativity. Every participant receives their own confidential individual report and the diagnostic is debriefed in a workshop with each individual reflecting on their own result. 

Leading Through Change - The Human Element

Introducing change to an organisation is difficult. Understanding the non-conscious barriers that teams and individuals have around change helps leaders to understand why embracing change is so hard. This knowledge provides the necessary tools to introduce effective and positive change and to foster creativity and innovation, whilst supporting your people.

Emotional Intelligence and Understanding Behaviour

Understanding people is the cornerstone of creating successful and engaged teams and positive culture within an organisation. The basis for developing Emotional Intelligence is to understand the interaction between the rational and emotional parts of the brain. This knowledge will allow you to perceive your own and other's emotions more effectively and respond in an emotionally intelligent way.

Managing Information Overload

We are living in an age of "infomania". Never before have we had access to so much information and there is more and more pressure on leaders to analyse this data and make effective decisions quickly. Understanding the brain's capacity to process, manipulate and retain information for decision making and problem solving will allow you to manage the "load" of information more effectively.

Embracing Diversity

Creating an environment where team members can reach their full potential both as individuals and within a team is essential for organisational success. Every individual has their own style and preferences and it is important to embrace and carefully manage that diversity. Understanding what drives individuals allows you to accommodate and leverage these differences of opinion and style to achieve the best outcomes.

Coaching and Mentoring for Performance

It is becoming increasingly important for leaders to facilitate insights and creativity in their teams rather than being directive. Shifting from a "telling" to an "asking" model will empower your teams to learn effective problem solving skills and will allow leaders to move away from micromanagement. This will not only develop your team, but will allow leaders more space to expand knowledge and networks to benefit the larger organisation.

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